Flea Market Finds

Today, I headed over to the annual St. Ursula‘s Festival nearby with my parents. We arrived too early for any of the booths or games, but just in time for the flea market.

Probably my mom’s and my FAVORITE thing to do is to find hidden treasures at yard sales, flea markets, and resale shops. It is an adventure every time we go and we get so excited when we find something great for a small price.

Even though we occasionally buy things that don’t end up working out, the enjoyment we get out of it is worth it. We are firm believers that you can find everything you’re looking for with patience and knowing where and when to look. My mom was able to furnish almost my entire kitchen in my townhouse with quality items from these trips for much less!

Here’s what I found today for $4:

  1. A cute silver beaded necklace, perfect for teaching and dressier outfits
  2. A set of almost brand new hot curlers and clips (I’ve been looking for a cheap, but nice set for a long time!)
  3. Cute IKEA fabric in a nice bird print for a future craft

I hope you all find just as much enjoyment in “treasure hunting” as I do. What was YOUR best deal? Post below!


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