Summer Solutions to Bikini Bottom Blunders

It’s hard to believe that it’s summer time! Luckily for me, that means finally heading to the beach for the first time in four years! I’m going to Virginia Beach for probably my last family vacation (wow does that sound weird) in just five days. My parents and my boyfriend, Aaron, and I will be staying with my Uncle Don two blocks from the glorious beach.

But what I really want to share today is a solution to a bathing suit issue that plagues most women, especially when it comes to the ocean or diving into a pool: that dreaded “diaper butt syndrome” whenever your bathing suit bottom starts to sag, especially when wet. Suddenly you feel like you should have bought a size smaller as you fearfully dive into the water, hoping your bottoms don’t fly off. Or you may be like me and have lost a bit of weight but don’t feel like spending money on another bathing suit.

Fear not, my friends, I found a solution!

Thanks to Goldfish Kiss, a fantastic blog about DIY bikini solutions and beach bod tips (seriously, it’s amazing), I found a quick and easy solution to “diaper butt”: ruching!

All you need is some strong string such as fishing line, thick thread, or even floss (I used floss!), a needle, scissors, your bikini bottoms, and a marker and in five minutes you’ll be ready to hit the waves!

Here’s the original post and instructions: Bikini Facelift: DIY Ruched Bikini Bottom | Goldfish Kiss. Check it out!

My instructions:

  1.  Turn your bathing suit bottoms inside out. Mark a straight line down the center of the backside using a marker that will not show through to the other side. Make sure it is washable! I used a small ruler to make sure this line was straight.
  2.  Thread your floss into your needle and tie a few knots at the end, securing both strands together.
  3. Thread your floss through the inside out bikini bottom on the line, about an inch down from the waistband.
    Tip: if you start from the very top, you might create a dip in the waistband.
  4. Sew stitches vertically down the line you’ve drawn. They should be about a centimeter apart. The further apart they are, the more dramatic the ruching will be. Stitch about 10-15 stitches or as far down as you’d like.
  5. Pull the floss tight to hide the stitches and to create the ruching. Make any additional stitches or changes at this time and pull tight again.
  6.  Keeping the ruching tight, thread the needle up through the middle of the ruching to the top and tie a knot or two. This will make sure that the ruching is secure and will not fall out or show any stitches.
    Tip: Try on the bottom before you secure it with a knot if you’d like to double-check.
  7. Trim off any excess floss.

That’s it! I tried this on three of my bathing suit bottoms and I was really pleased with the results. I promise you, I won’t burn your eyes with any pictures 😉 I don’t think I’m quite bikini ready for that!

What do you think of ruching? Does it look funny to you? Let me know what you think by posting a comment below.

If you dare, post a picture of your bikini solution to my flickr pool


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