I absolutely MUST make these for my future house. There is no question about it.

The book page posters, I mean. Wow.

Check out the source of this idea here: Perpetually Engaged: book page posters.

Where do you think I could get book pages blown up on a budget? What book would YOU choose?


9 thoughts on “Obsessed.

  1. amazing. i am in total agreement, what a stunning piece of artwork this would be! i think one of these days i need to stop considering wherever i am living to be temporary and actually decorate & put some art on the walls. that is so hard for me, but it would be pretty awesome to look at something like this everyday!

    • I know exactly what you mean with your hesitation to decorate when it seems like it’s temporary! I wasn’t even sure if I should decorate my room at home when I came home from college since I’m likely to move out within a year or so, but I suppose my thought process is that we all deserve to look at something inspiring and beautiful. And if that can be achieved on a budget, even better! Let me know if you decide to decorate 🙂

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