Dear July,

You are my favorite month.

At least, I always say you are because you celebrate my birthday! Unfortunately, this year I begin the strand of uneventful/unimportant birthdays (22), but I’m still looking forward to it anyway. I wonder what you’ll have in store for me…

Because June was ever so kind, I kind of have high expectations for you, too. Sorry. I guess I should accept the fact that the real work begins. OR is that August’s job? Probably both if I’m being realistic.

July, I truly hope you bring good luck to my friends as they continue their job searches. They have worked so hard and they deserve the very best. I also hope that by the time I greet August, I’ll have found an apartment to live in, I’ll know what grades I’m teaching, and I’ll be about ready to quit my summer job for good.

Perhaps you’ll be the month during which I get to live in a dream world for one last timethe calm before the storm. I’d like that.

I can only hope that I am ready for whatever you bring…


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