Teacher Tuesdays 7.24.12

It’s Teacher Tuesday!

As promised, we are back on track! But with that, my lovely readers, comes responsibility! I can’t have a party if nobody shows up! Otherwise, that makes me very sad. So join in on the fun! Even if you are not a teacher but wear school-appropriate outfits to work or make crafts that could apply to the classroom, please join in! The more the merrier!

How do you, teachers, keep track of grades? Do you use one of those handy grade keeper books with the columns and boxes and then transfer them to the computer? Do you use your own unique method?

During my student teaching, I learned an easy way to keep track of attendance, seating, make-up work, and grades–all in the same paper. It’s even easy enough for substitutes to keep track of things, too.

Here’s how it works: My co-op made a seating chart for each of her classes on Microsoft Word using boxes to represent the seat with the students’ names typed in. Next, she created two small rows of five boxes below each “seat.” Each box represents a day of the week for multiple assignments in one day. You could add more rows if you assign more work each day.

Fill in the big box with the Students’ Name


During homeroom, the boxes would only be filled with a checkmark or “x” for attendance purposes. It’s easier to find who isn’t in their seat than to call roll every day. During class, students who were absent were marked with a “/” or if a student was missing an assignment, their box would be filled with a circle that could later be filled in and highlighted (to remind you to update your gradebook online) once they turned in their work.

Otherwise, the scores for each assignment would be filled in their appropriate boxes. My co-op always included a “key” in an empty “seat” so that she’d always know which assignment and what point value it was.

At the end of each week, it was a lot easier to update the gradebook and identify who needed to make up work. Records were then kept in a binder. Once each row was filled up, she printed out new copies for each class, kept together with a staple.

Here’s a FREE printable for you to use in your own classroom, should you choose this attendance method: Attendance/Grade Keeper

Hope this helps! If anyone has other gradebook/attendance ideas, I’d love to hear more before I decide which method I will use in my own classroom!

Now it’s your turn! Let me see your teacher ideas!

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