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Teacher Tuesdays! 7.3.12

Teacher Tuesdays! 7.3.12

Welcome to the first Teacher Tuesdays Link Party! I am so excited to learn new ideas and share my own with all of you. Because this is the first link party, I don’t expect there to be many links, but hopefully it will grow over time! Here’s what I have to share with you today: … Continue reading

DIY: Canvas Art Wedding Gift

I had the great fortune of attending a sorority sister’s wedding this past weekend as my roommate Ali’s date and I had an absolute blast. The bride, Erin, looked absolutely stunning as she married her best friend, Stephen. I am so happy for them! Being post-grads on a budget, however, Ali and I weren’t quite … Continue reading

DIY: Pinterest Picks of the Day

Here’s some of the DIY projects I want to do this summer! Leave a comment below if you’ve made them before, if you like them, or if there’s something else you’d like to see! Source: via Marissa on Pinterest Source: via Marissa on Pinterest Source: via Marissa on Pinterest Source: via … Continue reading

DIY: Scalloped Lace Jean Shorts

It usually takes me awhile to warm up to a trend, at least enough to try it myself. I’m more of a classic kind of person who relies on flattering cuts and simple lines. But two particular trends that have surfaced recently remind me of vintage clothes I adore, but with a modern twist: The … Continue reading

Picture Frame Whiteboards

During my senior year of college, I was one of the few lucky enough to live in a townhouse with three amazing roommates. Our kitchen had significant wall space so we knew we had to fill it with something cute and crafty. We were inspired by my roomie Ali’s friend and her amazing blog, Coda, … Continue reading

Screenprinting Made Simple

Thanks to my friend, Laura, I learned an easy way to screenprint simply and cost effectively! Here’s the supplies you need: Printed or drawn image of desired print T-shirt or other item Fabric paint in your desired color Paint sponge/brush Freezer Paper An Exacto Knife A mat or surface to cut on Tape (optional) For … Continue reading