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American Pickers

American Pickers

Today, Dad and I went garage and estate “sale-ing” to find some furniture for my new apartment! While we didn’t have much luck, we WERE able to score one really great piece…FOR FREE!

It’s in need of a total restoration, but it’s a Pooley Radio Cabinet for Atwater Kent Radios (without the radio) in a beautiful mustard color! It’s been through a lot of  wear and tear (and teenage angst apparently…), but we thought it could be fixed up nicely into a totally unique and functional piece!

Check it out!

We both agreed that this would be something that American Pickers would choose to restore. I’m thinking I’ll use it as a TV stand and put my DVD player in the radio compartment that has an opening in the front.

After doing some research, I’m thinking that this piece was made in the 1920s or 30s. I love it! Even though it will require a lot of attention, I think it will be an awesome focal point in my future living room.

I’ll keep you posted with its progress!

What do you think of this piece? Have you ever done any furniture restoration? If so, do you have any tips?

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DIY: Colored Skinny Jeans

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Teacher Tuesdays! 7.3.12

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I absolutely MUST make these for my future house. There is no question about it. The book page posters, I mean. Wow. Check out the source of this idea here: Perpetually Engaged: book page posters. Where do you think I could get book pages blown up on a budget? What book would YOU choose?

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